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Bruce Chen
Days of work Asian, American, Healthy, Canadian

What was the inspiration for joining Just Booked?

I Joined Just Booked because eating out wasn't a plausible for a broke college student and so, I turned to cooking to recreate the dishes I could not afford.

Why should a customer order from you over a restaurant?

Restaurants get away with serving pre-prepared ”hot” dishes. They'll never have the capacity to cook you the hand-made food because they don't have to. Ordered food from a guy who cooks everything from scratch.

Amira Eskenazi
Days of work Italian, German

What was the inspiration for joining Just Booked?

I was inspired to join Just Booked because I'm professional freelance chef and I thought it would be a great way to get people to try my food. I work privately and not in restaurants so I have to be creative. It's also a great way to earn extra money.

Why should a customer order from you over a restaurant?

They can order from both but with Just Booked the client knows they have the option to order things that other restaurants may not offer. Fusion, special holiday items etc. I cook out of a commercial kitchen and wipping something up while I'm working on other things is as close to home cooking as most clients will get outsite their own kitchens.


Below is a simple guide on how to sign-up, and get started.

How to Sign Up as a Chef.

Step 1.


Step 2.

Click "Create Listing" and enter your account information.

Step 3.

Confirm your email address and sign in.

Step 4.

Sign in, and click on "Create Listing" and fill out Step 1 of the sign-up process, including setting your work schedule (you can choose the days and times that you work, and leave the days set to "Not working" that you don't work). Your listing will only pop-up for customers to order from during the days, and times that you are working. The maximum delivery radius is also a way to control how far you are willing to deliver. Your listing will only show up to customers within that range.
Watch the video here for Step 4 -

Step 5.

Add your first menu item. Name it, choose a picture of the menu item, describe it (sell it!) and choose which cuisine type category it fits into, or add a new category and click continue!

Step 6.

You will need a void cheque from your bank for this step. We are now setting up your direct deposits. When customers order from you and pay by credit card, you will receive the funds directly deposited into your chosen bank account within 3-5 business days.

Step 7.

You're almost ready! Lastly, let's promote your newly created listing with your network (friends, family, colleagues, neighbours!). Click on import contacts and choose your email provider and sign in, select email contacts that you would like to share your listing with, so they can order from you and try your food! If you'd rather not import contacts, you can type in their email addresses manually, and separate them by commas. Example:, Once you've added your contacts, click Send Invites.



Your selected contacts will receive an email notification similar to the one in the below video.

That's all there is to it! Just 7 easy steps and you'll be cooking and selling your food to your community, friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours in no time! If you need any further assistance in getting signed up email Happy cooking!


Just Booked’s mission is to provide the best quality, authentic food, delivered fast and hot, at fair prices and in the process connect people with their community.

The service was fast, the food was hot, and it was tasty. And then I had to do a total of zero dishes! Outstanding.

Cameron Bond

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